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What technologies does NASA use to explore Mars?


The acronym "NASA" stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The term Aeronautics comes from the Greek words for "air" and "to sail." It is a government agency that was created by Congress in 1958.  NASA is located in Washington, D.C. Their mission is to explore space and aeronautics, or flight research.

What then is technologies NASA use to explore Mars?

One of them is Artificial intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence has played a key role in the technology used for exploring Mars. BeyondLimits is a pioneering AI company with deep roots in the NASA space program, notably AI technology developed at the Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) that assisted operation of the Mars Rover Curiosity. Starting in 1998, Abdallat worked with Caltech/JPL on commercializing smart sensors and artificial intelligence projects. 

For almost two decades, all NASA missions have utilized Beyond Limits-licensed and enhanced technologies. It has been used in NASA for diagnostics of the NASA deep space network, for optimization of Mars missions, and has even helped discover a weather model by tracking dust build and wind storm activity based on Mars Rover battery and solar panel performance. While a lot of current AI solutions require tons of servers, power and human resources to maintain, Beyond Limits promises industrial-grade, autonomous, actionable intelligence powered with Human-Like-Reasoning (HLR) that is fast, flexible and light on hardware. 

Beyond Limits enhances IP developed for NASA/JPL, and also drives new IP and innovations on its mission to bring advanced AI technology to commercial applications here on Earth. The company is an AI leader with breakthrough cognitive technology that goes beyond conventional AI, binding deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AIs that emulate human intuition. 

Cognitive AI, which binds the deep learning and the other machine learning tools together with symbolic AIs that emulate human intuition. Putting these elements together gives us what we call a cognitive agent, and that's what we deploy out in the world to solve a variety of industrial and heavy problems in the industry. 


Another one on our list is KULR Technology. KULR has developed two unique technologies that NASA has used and will use on Mars missions - one is a battery safety shield to keep lithium-ion batteries from exploding, or more accurately, limiting the damage when they do fail. The second is a phase change heat sink with pure carbon fiber to keep key electronics and sensors from freezing or overheating.  

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